Staff Availability

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2. Which suburb do you currently live in? *

3. How many additional hours are you available to work per fortnight apart from your current roster (not exceeding 76)? *

4. In addition to your current roster, which areas are you able to travel to work for extra hours? *

5. What is the maximum travel time or distance you are able to travel from home or between service locations? *

6. Please use the table below to confirm the days and times you are available. Please use the comments section underneath the table to provide us with any specific information about your availability on those days e.g. I am available between 9am and 9pm on Fridays to work anywhere in the western suburbs, on Saturdays I can work in Murray Bridge

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22:00-06:30 (Sleepover)
Other, please specify

If you have any questions about this survey or if you would like to discuss your availability further, please contact