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My name is <your name> and I'm calling to conduct a reference check for <name of candidate> who is being considered for a position with Cara. Your details have been provided to me by <candidate name>. The reference will take no longer than ten minutes is this a good time for you?

In accordance with the Privacy Act, we wish to inform you that the information collected may be shared with personnel of Cara, and the candidate may also lodge a request to our Privacy Officer for access to this information. Based on the above are you happy to proceed?

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Customer person centred focus

internal collaboration and teamwork

Ability to work under pressure


Ability to work under minimal supervision

Problem solving skills

Ability to learn, retain and apply information

Commitment and loyalty


Build working relationships with external stakeholders

Honesty and integrity

Based on the information above plesae supply detailed information for extreme responses:

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How well did they respond to feedback? *

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Did they contribute to any tasks or projects outside of their role? *

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Based on the reference check you have provided would you recommend them to us and would you re-employ them? *

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