Customer Promotions Manager

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Tell us about yourself and why you feel you would be a good fit for Cara? *

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Describe one of your values and how you live it every day? *

Tell us about a time in a previous role where you have had to gain new business and customers - how did you go about it and what factors did you find important in your process? *

What do you know about disability and how do you keep abreast of changes in this industry particularly with NDIS and its implications? How would you implement core messages from NDIS for an organsiation and keep eveyrone abreast both internally and externally? *

Give an example of how you have managed relationships internally in a previous role? This role involves liaising with our Events and Fundraising Manager as well as our Communications and Marketing Manager. What factors would you consider to be important? *

What would be your communication strategy? How do you network and create leads and research industry trends? *

This is a brand new exciting role to Cara. If you were successful in obtaining this position what would be your focus for the first three months? *

What are some of your strenghts and how is this shown in your day to day role? *

What would you say is one of your weaknesses? *

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